Reopen Soon: 1 July 2020

After the spread of Virus Covid-19 began to improve. Elephant Wildlife Sanctuary Phuket is ready to reopen.

Official reopen date: 1 July 2020.

“New Normal” – That is mean Elephant Wildlife Sanctuary has added measures to prevent Virus Covid-19. So that customers can do activities safely and conveniently.

All details as follows:

Covid-19 Virus Protection Measures of Elephant Wildlife Sanctuary Phuket.

  1. Every day, Employees must have a fever test. And record health records before starting work.
  2. Employees must wear a face mask while working.
  3. Disinfectant spray every 2 hours at every touch point.
  4. Employees must wash hands frequently.
  5. Limit the number of people attending each activity according to the Social Distancing policy.
  6. Improve activity locations to be safe from the virus Covid-19 as much as possible.
  7. Free mask for tourists.
  8. Hand washing and alcohol gel Serving many points.
  9. Private lunch set.
  10. Have a first aid room prepared for minor illnesses.

Elephant Wildlife Sanctuary Phuket has prepared everything mentioned above. Ready for everyone who is interested to join the activity.

Special Promotion For Elephant Lovers: On all bookings from now till 31st of August 2020 – We give You 15% Discount for all activities!