Special Activity on Thai National Elephant Day 2024

Thai National Elephant Day 2024

Celebrating National Elephant Day in Thailand

Elephants are not only animals in Thailand. They are emblematic of the nation’s culture, history, and identity. For ages, they’ve been renowned for their strength, intellect, and devotion. They have also faced numerous dangers and problems, including habitat loss, poaching, and human-elephant conflicts. Every year on March 13th, Thailand commemorates National Elephant Day, also known as Chang Thai Day (Thai: วันช้างไทย), to appreciate these wonderful beasts and raise awareness about their conservation.

The genesis of National Elephant Day

The date of March 13th was chosen because, on this day in 1963, the Royal Forest Department declared the white elephant as Thailand’s national animal. White elephants (chang phueak) are revered and fortunate in Thai tradition, representing royal power and majesty. The present King of Thailand, Maha Vajiralongkorn, owns 11 white elephants that are housed in a unique sanctuary in the province of Chonburi.
The Asian Elephant Foundation of Thailand proposed the idea of a National Elephant Day to the Coordinating Subcommittee for the Conservation of Thai Elephants in 1998. The day’s main goals are to emphasize how important elephants are to Thailand, how Thai culture is dependent on elephants, and to raise awareness about safeguarding and conserving Thailand’s elephant population and ecosystems.

Special Activity on Thai National Elephant Day 2024

The festivities for National Elephant Day

On National Elephant Day, numerous events and activities are held across the country to celebrate and educate the people about elephants. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Elephant buffet luncheons: Many elephant camps and sanctuaries serve a variety of fruits and vegetables to their resident elephants, who appreciate bananas, pineapples, watermelons, cucumbers, and sugar cane. Some venues additionally provide a traditional blessing ceremony and a spectacular elephant display for visitors.
  • Exhibitions and seminars: Some zoos, museums, and colleges host exhibitions and lectures about Thailand’s elephant history, culture, and conservation efforts. They show artifacts, images, and documentaries about elephants and invite specialists and researchers to share their expertise and experiences with the audience.
  • Art and music performances: To commemorate the day, some schools, communities, and artists create and perform elephant-themed art and music. They could paint, sculpt, or draw elephants, or write and sing songs and poems about them. Some places also host contests and awards for the greatest elephant-themed artwork.
  • Fundraising and donations: Some organizations and individuals utilize the day to solicit finances and donations for elephant-related causes. They may sell items, collect donations, or hold auctions and raffles to fund various programs and activities aimed at improving elephants’ lives and habitats in Thailand and elsewhere.

The significance of National Elephant Day

National Elephant Day is a day of celebration, meditation, and action. It emphasizes the importance of elephants in Thai culture and ecology, as well as the challenges and risks they face in today’s world. It also encourages us to admire and respect these gentle giants, as well as to contribute to their conservation and wellbeing in every manner possible.
Elephants are an important component of Thailand’s culture and tradition. They deserve our respect and gratitude not just on National Elephant Day, but every day of the year.

Special Activity only on Thai National Elephant Day

Elephant Wildlife Sanctuary Phuket, operated by Elephant Retirement Phuket Company Limited, would like to invite everyone, both Thais and Foreigners, who are interested in participating in activities celebrating Thai National Elephant Day, at Elephant Wildlife Sanctuary Phuket.
This activity is commemorating the good relationship between Thai people and elephants, who have lived together since the past. It also shows honor and respect for elephants, animals that are important to Thai people from ancient times to the present.

Purpose of the Activity

  • To make Thai people and foreigners interested in elephants, love and cherish elephants, give more importance to helping and conserving elephants.
  • To show respect for elephants, which have become important animals to Thai people from the Past to the Present.

Activity Detail: 13th of March 2024, 09.00 am

  • Religious Ceremonies
  • Feeding Food for Elephants

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  • Morning start 10.00 – 11.00 am
  • Afternoon start 02.00 – 03.00 pm

Limit: 30 persons per session
Registration: Today until 10 March 2024 – Please send us about your name and a shot story “How do you think with Thai’s Elephant” to E-Mail: info@elephantwildlifesanctuary.com

Free entry for this activity!

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